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27 November 2005 @ 08:39 am
Character: Elgala
Series: Excel Saga (manga)
Character Age: 18-ish
Canon: Everyone needs an overly dramatic girl who has a tendency not to keep her thoughts to herself! (Not that she doesn't try, but...) Elgala is your regular, ordinary, everyday girl who fights for ACROSS and their plans to Take Over the World City! She's kind of haughty and stuck up and has a habit of being entirely too melodramatic regarding many things. She is also kind of spoiled, but she can suck it up if she has to (and generally, she eventually has to. She lives with Excel after all.) Oh yes. To continue, she has a bad habit of not keeping her thoughts to herself. It's not intentional, you see! She just can't help it - her internal monologue button is broken (and I am totally abusing the italics tag to display it). Yes, she does use "I, Elgala" far too often for her own good. PS: Elgala, in her natural habitat, is a fierce rival to Excel. Particularily regarding the love of one (1) Lord Il Palazzo. Her natural eating habits include drinking alcohol and eating no dogs, please. Okay, maybe a little dog, as long as it's lean meat.

Sample Post:

Oh! What a wonderful fate this is! I, Elgala, have arrived! To this wonderful camp. Wonderful, I suppose, is not precisely the word. Perhaps, festering cesspit? My wonderful Lord Il Palazzo has called for my presence! It must have been terribly important to pull me away from my other mission! One I am very glad not to have shared with my Senior Excel! So many luxuries! Cable television! Large portion sizes! Oh, life was so grand without you, Senior!

Oh ho ho!

But wait! I, Elgala, have just realized! Senior's position at camp has put her above me EVEN FURTHER! Oh! Woe is me, that I must languish in such terrible sadness. I can only hope that Lord Il Palazzo recognizes my extreme furvor and incredible attentiveness and duty to my position as an officer of ACROSS.

Aah! So camp it is! My newest mission! I, Elgala, can only rise to the challenge before me! In my Lord's letter, he spoke of a murder, and an evil dictator of a directoress, searching out the killer of her lover! Oh, I can only express my deepest sympathies for the Lady! While she could never be a dictator of the level of Lord Il Palazzo, her effort is valiant. Oh yes, and I'm terribly sorry for her loss. I guess.

So! First things first! Around the mess hall, dodge the zombies, man-eating flowers, gorillas - don't touch the hair please! Left to the Arts and Crafts Hut, and... hmm. I wonder where I, Elgala, could be sleeping this night? I really do need a shower. Nice, hot shower! Warm bed! Walls! And maybe a quick peek at the television to check out my horoscope because Senior Excel is SO strict about those things. I mean, honestly.


What? What do you mean? No... No hot water?! No warm, snuggly pillows?! No television?! Well, that's not a terribly huge change, I suppose! Still incredibly crushing none the less!

Oh woe, Lord Il Palazzo! Please allow me to shoot some zombies in your honor! Perhaps we can mount their heads on the wall of ACROSS HQ as trophies! ♥ After all, it is fair to say that zombies are small fry compared to Senior Hyatt's continual state of near-death... near-life, um! but they're still really disgusting! I SHUDDER AT THE THOUGHT OF - oh look, those birds are so~ pretty, aren't they? Multicolored and - Lordpleasegetthemawayfrommyhair! AAAUGH! The HORROR! My ringlets will never be the same again!

... Now! If I can find ACROSS HQ! As much as it pains me! SENIOR EXCEL?! Please don't make me stalk you again!
20 August 2005 @ 09:34 pm
Just as a note to anyone who wasn't around when Elgala applied! (I'll post the original app up here soon, along with canon blabber since I don't think many people know who Elgala is XD)

Elgala has a problem with internal monologue. That is to say, she kind of says it out loud. I choose to express this with the italics tag. Please feel free to acknowledge her "thoughts" as spoken word. XD